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Do your business experts have the tools to create, manage and send customer communications? Or does IT hold the key?

DocCentrics gives your users complete control over their customer communications, so your operators can compose, approve and deliver messages autonomously, without the need for IT. So if you need to change designs, or add new wording, adjust a layout or change formats, your users can make these changes in minutes. And DocCentrics makes it possible to proof communications for all channels from a single interface.

Our self-service customer communications platform is remarkably simple to use. DocCentrics is based on familiar interfaces so your users can quickly take control of their communications without requiring training.


Give your teams the tools to excel

  • Autonomy

    Your business experts can compose, manage and distribute customer communications without having to involve IT departments.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Our platform is flexible, so we can build the system around your workflows.

  • Complete control

    DocCentrics makes it easy for multiple stakeholders to manage your communications, including marketing, compliance and customer services.

  • Audit trail

    Access a full audit trail to show the creation, production and distribution of your customer communications.

  • Multi-channel communications

    Send emails, letters, SMS and personalised microsites from a single platform.

  • Management information

    Keep track of production with a dashboard featuring your preferred performance metrics, such as data processed, messages sent and customer responses.


With DocCentrics, you're in control

  • Agility

    You can quickly respond to customer queries and update messages as often as you like.

  • Cost reduction

    Save money by involving fewer people in your customer communications.

  • Control over ever

    Save time by reducing delays in your communications processes.

  • Customer experience

    Your customers get a better deal when you can respond on time, every time.

Our Process

Discover Design Deliver

  • We take the time to explore precisely what you want to achieve.

    We start by exploring your current customer communications from a variety of perspectives, such as marketing, customer services, compliance and branding.

    By understanding the needs of your business we can ensure you exploit the immense potential of the DocCentrics platform.

  • We fine-tune the workflows and functionality to match the way you work.

    Every screen is tailored to the needs of your users, so each individual only sees the settings, options and functions that they need.

    This customisation ensures that your business achieves the benefits of our platform without having to adapt or alter your operations.

  • Once the system is operational we continue working closely with you.

    This ensures that you always benefit from the full potential of DocCentrics, and always deliver on-brand, on-message, on-time and fully compliant communications.

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