Automatic messages, delivered just when they matter most

Customer actions or events, such as call centre interactions, moving house or buying a new product, usually represent an opportunity – or a risk – for an organisation.

Event-Driven Communications enable you to respond to customer actions with timely and relevant communications. For example, you might send an email to offer a discount to someone who has just abandoned their shopping cart. Or you might post a welcome pack to a customer who has just moved house.

With Event-Driven Communications you can respond to thousands of events with personalised communications delivered by any channel. These communications can help you retain customers, boost sales and reduce queries. And by automating the process you can strengthen customer relationships while reducing employee effort.


Makes your communications seem like magic

  • Automatic

    Respond to customer needs, actions and events without the need for operator input.

  • Multi-channel communications

    Send messages by post, email, SMS or HTML.

  • Personalised communications

    Event-Driven Communications can be populated with a wealth of personal data so the message is bespoke, meaningful and relevant to each customer.

  • Powerful

    Event-Driven Communications can be programmed to respond to a huge array of events such as complaints, contract cancellation, upgrades, orders and birthdays, without the need for traditional, costly and resource-intensive campaigns.


Better results with less effort

  • Consistency

    Because communications are triggered automatically, customers get a consistently great experience.

  • Efficiency

    Save hundreds of hours of effort by automating campaigns.

  • Timeliness

    Customers get the messages they need when they need them, via the channel that best meets their needs.

  • Customer experience

    Personalisation makes the communications feel authentic and human.

  • Cost-saving

    By automating processes that would otherwise by handled by your teams you can reduce overheads and recover employee hours.

Our Process

Discover Design Deliver

  • We take the time to explore precisely what you want to achieve.

    We start by exploring your current customer communications from a variety of perspectives, such as marketing, customer services, compliance and branding.

    By understanding the needs of your business we can ensure you exploit the immense potential of the DocCentrics platform.

  • We fine-tune the workflows and functionality to match the way you work.

    Every screen is tailored to the needs of your users, so each individual only sees the settings, options and functions that they need.

    This customisation ensures that your business achieves the benefits of our platform without having to adapt or alter your operations.

  • Once the system is operational we continue working closely with you.

    This ensures that you always benefit from the full potential of DocCentrics, and always deliver on-brand, on-message, on-time and fully compliant communications.

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