CommsBuilder provides multi-channel communications that are as easy to manage as email

We can give you complete control over your customer communications so it’s quick and easy to update messages in any channel.

We’ll also help you digitise every aspect of your CCM and take advantage of technological advances like targeting, event-driven communications and multi-channel communications.

The best part is that we could have you all set up in a matter of weeks, and you could realise the cost benefits in months. 

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Loaded with all the features you need

  • Personalised messaging

    Our CCM solution offers precision control over which message goes to which recipient. You can build messages based on a wide range of customer data – from demographics to past purchases.

  • Up-sell and cross-sell

    With our CCM solution you can customise offers according to your customers’ purchase history, interactions, behaviours, preferences and more.

  • Secure data handling

    Our security management processes are ISO 27001 certified. We are also Cyber Essentials accredited and your data is encrypted by default, at every point.

  • Flexibility

    CommsBuilder makes it easy to change the design, content and components of each message – whether it’s by letter, email, SMS or interactive HTML – all from a single platform. With a single change you can update every channel.

  • Control over every message

    CommsBuilder gives you control over your communications so you can make, review and approve changes without any IT involvement.

  • Intelligence

    Your dashboard gives you an end-to-end view of your data and all resulting communications.

  • Responsive to your customers

    Easily adapt communications to your customers’ preferences. CommsBuilder makes it easy to send different messages to different customer groups – based on an infinite number of factors.

  • Always up-to-date

    We’re always adding new features so you can continue delighting your customers in new ways. These additional features and functions come at no extra cost.

  • Cloud app

    CommsBuilder is a cloud-based platform, so you will always have the latest version, configured correctly and ready to go.

  • Customer data management

    We can work with data in any format – and data from multiple sources to help you deliver attention-grabbing communications, regardless of your current data or legacy systems.


Put the customer at the heart of your communications

  • Consistency & professionalism

    CommsBuilder makes it easy to send on-brand messages every time. Your communications will be consistently compliant and will help you build trust with your customers.

  • Cost reduction

    Our CCM solution typically lowers the costs of designing, composing and delivering customer communications by automating processes and cutting the time spent managing, changing and reviewing communications.

  • Ease of use

    Give the right people control to manage their communications. Self-service can enable your marketing, compliance and customer service teams to beat their deadlines and achieve their goals.

  • Customisable

    We build the system around your needs so you can enjoy the benefits of our CCM solution without having to bend your processes around our technology.

  • Predict

    CommsBuilder makes it easy to pre-empt your customers’ next move and send them targeted letters, emails and SMS messages precisely when they need it most. Automated communications can be triggered by a wide range of events – from first purchases to contract expiration.

  • Digital solution

    Every element of your communications become digital, from the messages themselves to the production and composition workflows. With CommsBuilder you can digitise your processes so that every message is on-brand, compliant and relevant – while saving time and money.

Our Process

Discover Design Deliver

  • We take the time to explore precisely what you want to achieve.

    We start by exploring your current customer communications from a variety of perspectives, such as marketing, customer services, compliance and branding.

    By understanding the needs of your business we can ensure you exploit the immense potential of the DocCentrics platform.

  • We fine-tune the workflows and functionality to match the way you work.

    Every screen is tailored to the needs of your users, so each individual only sees the settings, options and functions that they need.

    This customisation ensures that your business achieves the benefits of our platform without having to adapt or alter your operations.

  • Once the system is operational we continue working closely with you.

    This ensures that you always benefit from the full potential of DocCentrics, and always deliver on-brand, on-message, on-time and fully compliant communications.

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