No more stuffing envelopes…

Click To Print is a hybrid mail solution that outsources the time-consuming tasks of printing, folding and posting letters to your customers.

This surprisingly simple technology enables you to shift from desktop printing and manual post handling to commercial printing with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Instead of spending unnecessary time processing a single letter, your teams can simply send documents to our virtual printer so they can be batched and printed for affordable, fast and convenient delivery. Your teams can focus their attention on managing customer relationships, without the time-consuming distractions of printing and posting. Hundreds of letters can be despatched without a single person leaving their desk – or clearing a paper jam.

Because Click to Print outsources the printing, production and postage of your letters you can save as much as 60% on printing and postage. And because you will be sending letters to a virtual printer, you have less need for office printers, and less demand for expensive ink cartridges.


Send your post to the cloud

  • Batched postage

    Individual print requests are gathered and processed at a commercial printing facility.

  • Reduced postage costs

    Batching gives you access to preferential postage rates and can cut costs dramatically.

  • Print driver

    Your users simply ‘print’ the document by sending it to our print driver. We’ll do the rest.

  • Email

    If your customer would rather receive an email, that can be achieved with a couple of clicks.

  • Archive online

    Your complete archive of mailed communications is available in an online archive, so your employees can easily view sent mail in case of queries.

  • Management information

    Monitor your usage and track key analytics regarding your outbound customer communications. Bespoke reports can be created to meet your needs.

  • Envelope selection

    Select your preferred envelope type.

  • Inserts

    Need to include an insert? This can be requested when the documented is sent to the printer – ideal if you want to include something like a business reply envelope.

  • Printserts

    Include brochures, guides and other resources by selecting them from your library of PDFs.

  • Address validation

    Automatic checking against the Royal Mail address database. Users are notified if an error is detected.

  • Postage date

    Specify the date for posting.

  • File change

    Until the item is passed to print, users can view, change and delete the mail.


Deliver better mail in less time at a lower cost

  • More time

    Your employees can post letters with a few clicks. We estimate that processing 100 mail items takes 1 employee day.

  • Less money

    Make up to 60% savings by shifting to a commercial printing and postage solution.

  • Fewer printers

    Reduce the number of printers in your office and slash your stationery budget.

  • Customer experience

    Click to Print produces professional letters that include all of the inserts and additional materials that your customers need.

  • Employee focus

    Your operational teams can focus on serving customers and spend less time stuffing envelopes.

  • Consistency

    Every letter will be despatched on your correct letterhead, featuring all relevant information, every time.

  • Branding

    Ensure that every communication is on-message and perfectly branded.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Commercial printing is more efficient and less wasteful than desktop and office-based printing schemes.

  • MI & analysis

    Click to Print gives you a clear view of who is processing documents, their workflow and how long they take. This management information can help you streamline processes and minimise expenses.

Our Process

Discover Design Deliver

  • We take the time to explore precisely what you want to achieve.

    We start by exploring your current customer communications from a variety of perspectives, such as marketing, customer services, compliance and branding.

    By understanding the needs of your business we can ensure you exploit the immense potential of the DocCentrics platform.

  • We fine-tune the workflows and functionality to match the way you work.

    Every screen is tailored to the needs of your users, so each individual only sees the settings, options and functions that they need.

    This customisation ensures that your business achieves the benefits of our platform without having to adapt or alter your operations.

  • Once the system is operational we continue working closely with you.

    This ensures that you always benefit from the full potential of DocCentrics, and always deliver on-brand, on-message, on-time and fully compliant communications.

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