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Six tips for creating seasonal customer communications that resonate with your audiences

Six tips for creating seasonal customer communications that resonate with your audiences

As seasons change, so do our moods, our interests and our concerns. By responding to these seasonal shifts, you can create more powerful customer communications that resonate with your audiences, build strong relationships and support cross-selling and upselling.

Let’s consider some best practices for seasonal communications that match the mood of your audiences.

Avoid clichés

Seasonal communications tend to bring out the laziest of clichés. Christmas, in particular, has companies around the country declaring that they’ve got everything ‘all wrapped up’. Instead of resorting to these well-worn phrases and ideas, why not think about how you can genuinely respond to the season and your customers’ needs?

Consider your reader

Different seasons mean different things to different people. For children, Christmas is a time of pure excitement. For their parents, it might involve more stress – and more expense. It might also mean children let loose from school for a couple of weeks. Instead of simply adding snowflakes to a Christmas bill, you could add origami instructions to the reverse to keep kids occupied for an hour or two. When the clocks spring forward, you could add a little reminder to the top of your letter head. Or, when winter sets in, you might encourage drivers to check their screen wash levels. These are just little touches that show customers that you’re thinking of them.

Don’t go overboard

For every die-hard festive fan in your audience, there will be a few who hate the season, so don’t saturate in your communications in excessive seasonal messaging or imagery. Small touches are enough to acknowledge the time of year and share in the experience with those who care, while not offending those who don’t.

Know when to stop

It’s great to celebrate Easter, but not in July. Make sure your seasonal communications start and stop within the appropriate dates. Your customer communications management (CCM) platform should allow you to set parameters so that seasonal branding and messaging starts and stops on certain dates.

Crossing platforms

Different seasons are the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight your customers. Switching platforms is a simple way to do something different. Send an exclusive offer by text. Offer something useful in the post. Send an unexpected email.

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