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Simple words that have a big impact on your communications

Simple words that have a big impact on your communications

You can't please everyone.

Customer communications is often a delicate balance between pleasing your customers, maintaining clarity, satisfying Compliance, and staying fully on-brand. There are many factors to get right before you even think about compelling customers to take action.

But, there are a few tried-and-tested techniques for appealing to your customers and helping your messages get through. In this post we look at a few powerful words that improve your chances of getting read – and driving action.

First, it’s important to remember that there are no magic words. If you’re trying to sell a bad product or service, there is no effective way to disguise this fact, and most attempts to conceal the truth will only draw attention to the truth you’re trying to hide. Things like hyperbole, superlatives and empty promises are rarely effective marketing strategies.

The following words are not magic, but they can help you get more opens, clicks and conversions from your communications. 


Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful. By using ‘you’ in your communications you instantly convert your messages from a corporate declaration to a personal message which appeals directly to the reader. It’s such as simple device, but it really does work. Without ‘you’, messages can feel like impersonal edicts, and about as warm and friendly as the instruction manual for a fridge.

By adding ‘you’, you can help to capture your reader’s attention, and also get them to think about themselves. This leads us to the other advantage of using ‘you’: it taps into the reader’s greatest motivation: self-interest.

Ultimately, this is what your reader cares about. They care about themselves. They care about how your communications affect them, or benefit them, or make their life easier, or harder. Your readers care about their lives, their kids, their family, their friends, their business and their finances. If you can tap into the things your customers care about, if you can draw the link between your goals and their concerns then you will get more opens and a greater response to every message.


You want to persuade people to buy your new product, or subscribe to your new service – or open their latest bill. But people need to be convinced.

It’s not enough to tell people what you want them to do; you need to give them reasons to act. And when you’re offering evidence, it helps to include the word ‘because’. This word, which seems innocuous, has a powerful effect on the mind. If you use ‘because’ to preface your reasoning, it automatically makes people more inclined to accept your logic. In experiments, scientists found that using ‘because’ makes you more likely to get what you want, even if the reasons provided are completely spurious or irrelevant. But when coupled with genuine reasons or benefits, ‘because’ makes a powerful addition to your communications.


If you want someone to act, creating a sense of urgency can improve your outcomes. Without that sense of urgency, action is delayed, and may never happen. Including ‘now’ in calls to action will increase the number of people that click, open, buy or subscribe.


We all love new things. Even if it’s something small, you can tempt people to open your messages and take action if you offer something new.


Just as much as we love new things, we all want things to be easy. Nobody wants to sign up for a new service if it involves a complicated sign-up process. So make things easy for your customers, and then tell them about it. Remind people that joining, buying, sharing or subscribing is easy to do.

Of course, this must be true; you will anger lots of customers if you claim that something is easy when it is complicated or difficult to achieve.

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