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Self-service customer communications project update

Self-service customer communications project update

One of our clients wanted to make their customer communications system self-service, so that operational teams could create, review, approve and amend all of their communications autonomously, without having to rely on IT.

Their existing system often required staff to raise tickets to request changes to their communications, making simple updates cumbersome and time-consuming to achieve. So we began a project to deliver a self-service platform, enabling teams to take control of their customer communications and spend less time on routine processes.

In addition to the lack of self-service, the client maintained a list of business rules in a Word document, which was difficult to keep track of. The document was frequently changed by multiple stakeholders, leading to confusion over versions and unauthorised changes to the rules and the associated text. Working closely with our client, we devised a solution that puts the directory of rules online, and gives users the option to use and edit the approved rules.

The portal includes a version control feature to ensure the correct version is always used. Audit tools are also built into the design to assist with compliance.