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Self-service customer communications. Are your customers in control?

Self-service customer communications. Are your customers in control?

Your customers have high expectations.

And with each passing day, customer expectations only rise, fuelled by the intuitive, responsive experiences provided by mobile apps, digital startups and the disruptors who are making things like holidays, travel and banking easier than ever before.

Customers expect to be able to access information quickly and efficiently – and they won’t be impressed if a basic request requires them to spend five minutes navigating the maze of your Interactive Voice Response system.

Self-service customer communications

Offering a self-service option isn’t just about improving the customer experience.

If you can give customers access to their bills, policy documents and statements, then you can empower them to take control of their spending and their financial decisions. You can also create a more transparent relationship between you and your customers. 

Reduce customer service contacts

The appeal of self-service customer communications isn’t purely about reducing call centre costs – though of course this could be a significant advantage if these kinds of requests are common. The primary 

But the great thing about self-service customer communications is that they are primarily a way to improve the customer experience, but this has the side effect of reducing customer queries.

How to create a customer portal

In the past, organisations might have hard-coded a solution to transfer all of their customer communications in a customer area in their CMS. As you can imagine, this could be a costly exercise that is prone to failure and requires regular updating.

The ideal solution is to use the same platform that you use to create and send your customer communications, just as we do at DocCentrics.

Our Digital Archive is also an in-house repository that makes all of your customer communications easily searchable and viewable.

This can be easily turned into a customer-facing product, giving your customers a complete history of their letters, statements and policy documents. Customers can then view, download and print all of their documents. And because this is just an extension of your customer communications platform, you know the documents are always up-to-date and completely secure.

Digital customer communications from DocCentrics

Want to know more about how we can digitise your customer communications, and give your customers self-service access to their documents? Our team has a wealth of experience across a variety of industries.

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