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Our 2018 New Year's resolutions

Our 2018 New Year's resolutions

We asked the team for their personal and professional resolutions for the next twelve months, and we share their responses below. We’ll check back next year and ask how well they got on.


Somto - Developer

Personal resolution: Tell better jokes during product demonstrations, read more books, improve my knowledge of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and its possible applications - and complete certification as a PSD (Professional Scrum Developer) with view of eventually becoming a PMI-ACP (PMP Agile Certified Practitioner).

Professional resolution: To add more value to the DocCentrics Team by becoming a better developer, better communicator and better Team player.


Victoria - PMO - Lead Project Manager

Personal resolution: Spend more time with family and friends.

Professional resolution: To have detailed out the internal, BAU and onboarding project processes, as well as the corresponding documentation.


Thomas - Technical Apprentice

Personal resolution: Get myself down to the gym more!

Professional resolution: To become a competent software developer and program in languages such as C#, MySQL, powershell and Javascript.


Philip – Lead Developer – DevOps

Personal resolution: Save more money and cook more at home.

Professional resolution: Become proficient in MVC and other web technologies. 


Jonathan Price – Infrastructure Lead


Personal resolution: In 2018 I would like to complete the required studying to attain my Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)

Professional resolution: Attain an RHCSA, and to understand how we can make use of orchestration and containerisation.


Stuart - Senior Systems Administrator

Personal resolution: Visit unusual places and spend time in the great outdoors.

Professional resolution: Keep abreast of evolving technology and identity solutions and products which could help the business.


Lee – Strategic Account Manager

Personal resolution: Spend more time with my daughters before they get taller than me.

Professional resolution: Help DocCentrics move to the next level, as well as improve my approach to work.


-- Thanks to the DocCentrics team for their honesty - and for all their support in 2017.