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Mailmark Accreditation


Today, The Royal Mail approved DocCentrics Mailmark software. This means Clients can now utilise the latest Royal Mail services and access a range of additional associated benefits through the DocCentrics Customer Communication Platform.

Benefits include:

Cost reduction – Mailmark postal tariffs provide the lowest possible commercial rates for delivering mail. In addition, MI from the mail network can be used to analyse and improve address quality, reduce return mail and prevent bulk mail reversions. This further reduces costs and improves service.

Track communications end-to-end – Clients can now track individual mail pieces from production to customer delivery. This supports audit and compliance requirements in regulated industries. It also helps prevent fraud and assists with the management of call centres to ensure staffing levels are appropriate to meet customer responses.

Digital integration – Using Mailmark through the DocCentrics platform allows you to integrate your digital communications with your paper mail. For example; complimentary SMS or email communications can be sent on the day the mail is delivered to enhance the postal experience.

Response analysis – Mailmark enables the DocCentrics platform to analyse Mail delivery information combined with response data to understand the most effective days to deliver customer communications to achieve the best results.

For more information visit our Mailmark Solution page.


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