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Interactive customer communications by HTML

Interactive customer communications by HTML

Do your customers need a multi-stage sign-up process?

Our CCM solution makes it easy to create interactive HTML-based communications. Instead of sending multiple messages in a number of stages, you can provide each customer with a personalised microsite that includes all of their documents and can capture signatures or documentary evidence.

How does it work?

You can create HTML communications with our customer communications management (CCM) solution – in much the same way that you create an email or a text message.

You simply specify which content is destined for each customer group, and define the rules governing how the content is assembled.

You can then test the microsite to check that it displays perfectly on different devices and that the correct data is applied to the template.

Who is it for?

HTML communications are ideal for situations that require an exchange of information and documents between your organisation and your customers. If you need customers to upload documents or pictures, or to sign documents digitally, then HTML communications can streamline this process and make it much easier for customers to complete.

Insurance companies might use a personalised microsite to manage claims or to share policy documents and information.

Banks and lenders can use personalised microsites to gather information to support loan applications.

Utility companies can use personalised microsites to on-board new customers and share contract information.

Advantages of HTML communications

Increase conversions – By making it easier for customers to send documents, sign contracts or make decisions about their products, you reduce the likelihood of customers dropping out mid-process.

Better CX –  Your customers are busy, so minimise your demands on their time by using a personalised microsite to simplify your onboarding process.

Improve data security – Sending documents by post or email is not ideal from a security perspective – partly because you have no control over the customer’s approach to security. Our security management processes are ISO 27001 certified, and we are also Cyber Essentials accredited and our environment is PCI DSS certified. With DocCentrics your data and communications are encrypted and monitored at every stage.

Personalised content – Personalised microsites can be populated with customer data and customised to suit the needs of different customer groups. This creates more engaging communications that are more likely to get a response – and provide a positive customer experience.

Control the content and delivery – Because HTML communications are created, managed and delivered from your Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, you have complete control of the content, design and delivery of your customer microsites. You don’t need to rely on external consultants to create these interactive communications.

Responsive HTML5 – By using modern web standards, we ensure that your customer microsites work on every device – regardless of screen size or operating system.

Want to know more about personalised microsites, or how you can send more compelling customer communications with less effort?

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