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How to destroy your customer experience in six simple steps

How to destroy your customer experience in six simple steps

Is your customer experience just too good?

Are you looking for ways to diminish the customer experience and reduce your client base?

Then look no further.

We have assembled six ways to rapidly destroy the customer experience:

  1. Keep customers waiting
  2. Send mixed messages
  3. Don’t coordinate your efforts
  4. Make people do things twice
  5. Disconnect your systems
  6. Rely on manual processes


Keep customers waiting

Not only do people hate waiting, but a fleet of digital disruptors have made waiting feel like a relic from pre-history. With companies like Amazon, Uber, Deliveroo and Monzo, everything happens quickly and seamlessly. If you keep people waiting, they’ll be on the lookout for a faster alternative.

Send mixed messages

Consistency isn’t just a good basis for a trustworthy business; it’s also one of the principles of persuasion.

And while consistency is a powerful tool for building trust, it can equally undermine confidence when it’s lacking.

Being consistent doesn’t just mean getting your prices right in your emails.

It also means using the same tone, style, language, branding, imagery, fonts and formats across all communications.

Don’t coordinate your efforts

Your marketing team and your sales people might work in different offices, but that’s no reason for them to work in silos. Your customer communications need to be a joint effort between all stakeholders.

Make people do things twice

The most powerful way to make your organisation appear incompetent is to force customers to repeat steps, actions, forms, processes and requests.

If customers think their first attempt fell into a black hole, they may not bother trying again.

Disconnect your systems

How many systems do you have managing your customer communications? Is everything connected? Or do you have different channels managed by different systems?

Every break in the chain can mean a disjointed customer journey. This might translate into delays – or simply a lack of understanding.

For example, customers expect to be able to move between channels and maintain the same conversation. This is difficult to achieve if you’re relying on multiple platforms to manage SMS, email and online chats.

Rely on manual processes

Given the enormous potential of digital solutions to eliminate manual processes, it’s remarkable how many employees are tied up with data entry, copying and pasting, printing and envelope stuffing.

These manual tasks aren’t just a drag on productivity, they also become barriers to creating better customer experiences. Not only are your key people too busy to think strategically, but the manual work is prone to errors of omission and duplication, which can also lead to a poor customer experience.


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