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How can customer communications overcome these three compliance challenges?

How can customer communications overcome these three compliance challenges?

What kind of compliance hurdles do customer communications need to clear in the year ahead?

Lack of control

For many organisations, customer communications compliance processes have become so cumbersome and complex that some breakdown seems all but inevitable. Compliance in these cases has become a time-consuming and expensive exercise in frustration.

Lack of time

Content owners responsible for shepherding content changes through existing processes typically rely on IT to handle these changes. Considering that IT and compliance departments often have more pressing priorities, these content changes can take weeks or months.

Lack of compliance oversight

Existing communications compliance processes often do not build in enough time for effective compliance oversight. The result is that content owners are constantly pushing compliance personnel to be more responsive.

Not surprisingly, these circumstances create an adversarial relationship between many content creators and their peers in compliance. Content managers often treat compliance as a barrier to overcome, when a better approach is to find ways to make compliance part of the design and development team by involving them and asking for input throughout the creative process.

Integrating compliance into innovation

The key to overcoming these challenges is to involve the compliance function in the design and development of customer communications from the very beginning. This is only done through a centralised CCM solution that enables:


A collaborative content development process where compliance, legal, and line-of-business teams can share drafts from the beginning of the process helps reduce internal frustration and speed time-to-market.

Holistic view

To reduce ‘errors of omission’, compliance teams require a full view of the entire communications package in every form in which the material is going to appear (paper, web pages, mobile applications etc). This way, compliance can fully review and analyse not only what customers will see, but how they see it.

Greater control

Compliance personnel require the ability to manage, track, audit and approve regulatory language quickly and easily. Modern CCM solutions ensure that changes are only made in one location and applied everywhere you choose, and content blocks can be locked down to safeguard regulatory language where required.