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GMC Software becomes Quadient

GMC Software becomes Quadient

Our software partner, formerly known as GMC, recently evolved into Quadient.

While the name has changed, the Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution we offer is still the powerful, class-leading software that we’ve worked with for years.

Quadient’s Inspire is the software that we rely on to transform customer communications for our clients. As a leading Quadient partner, we deploy and support Inspire for organisations that need to deliver compelling customer experiences on a grand scale.

Quadient (and GMC) has been identified by Gartner as a leader in customer communications management for four consecutive years (2014-2017). Gartner's Magic Quadrant defines leaders as "having strong channel partners, a presence in multiple regions, consistent financial performance, and a broad platform with good customer support."

From GMC to Quadient

What’s the story behind the name change?

GMC Software wanted to integrate with two of their sister companies (all part of the Neopost group) to offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to enhance the customer experience. The trio of companies spent two years on a process of technical and cultural integration, culminating in the creation of the new Quadient identity.

Henri Dura, Quadient’s CEO commented:

“CX is the new battleground for business and understanding customers and the current state of their experience throughout the customer journey is critical to an organisation’s success. As companies look to compete, they are facing four foundational forces: the power consumers now have, the growing number of channels, the evolving mandates for regulatory compliance and the proliferation of data throughout their organisation. The Quadient solution suite makes it possible for companies to offer a seamless experience with the delivery of exceptional, meaningful and accurate communications that address these forces to drive exceptional customer experiences.”

At DocCentrics, we’re delighted to see how Quadient is evolving – while still retaining their commitment to transforming the customer communications landscape.

Trusted Quadient Inspire experts

Our team of developers, project managers and consultants has amassed a deep-rooted knowledge of Quadient’s Inspire customer communications management software. We’ve deployed Inspire for clients in a wide range of industries to address a variety of customer and client needs.

Key benefits we offer:

Omni-channel communication management. Email, text, HTML, mail – you can manage all communications channels from a single, intuitive interface. See Customer Communications Management

Complete control over your customer communications. We’ll put you in control of your communications so you can create, edit and despatch messages – regardless of whether they are routine or exceptions. You won’t need to turn to your tech team for support. See Self-service Communications

Rich customer experiences. Technology enables powerful, compelling customer experiences. With Quadient Inspire and DocCentrics, we make sure you have the capabilities to take advantage of everything the technology can achieve. See Customer Journey Management

Automation. Whether you want communications triggered by events, rules-based communications or more intelligent personalisation, we can help you spend less time sending more powerful messages. See Event-Driven Communications

Compliance-by-design. Using business rules, approved templates and wording, you can ensure that every message complies with company guidelines and local legislation. And with a complete audit trail available, you will always know exactly what your organisation has delivered.


If your organisation wants to explore transforming the customer experience with a leading digital CCM solution, contact our team today.