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Customer journey mapping now part of DocCentrics platform

Customer journey mapping now part of DocCentrics platform

You can now create customer journey maps inside the DocCentrics customer communications management (CCM) platform.

This means that you can easily view the entirety of your communications landscape and begin optimising the customer experience (CX). Your customer journey maps are linked to the actual communications, so you can see the big picture and also drill down to the detail of the communications that make up the customer journey.

On the DocCentrics platform, customer journey maps are also easy to share, and we make it easy to invite stakeholders to collaborate and comment on the maps. These maps are truly interactive and make it effortless to involve your team in reviewing, updating and improving the customer experience.

DocCentrics Customer Journey Mapping

Our customer journey mapping tool links seamlessly with your DocCentrics CCM platform. This makes it a powerful application for understanding and improving CX, because it connects the customer journey to the communications themselves – in whichever format they appear.

DocCentrics Customer Journey Mapping also integrates with:

  • CCM tools and data sources
  • Third-party systems including analytic tools, BPO solutions and social media channels.

Want to know more about using customer journey mapping with DocCentrics? Or would you just like to know more about our CCM platform? Contact us for more information.

Why map your customer journeys?

Understanding how, when, why and where customers interact with your business is an essential component of optimising the customer experience. After all, you can’t improve your customers’ experience if you don’t fully understand every element of that experience, as well as the key stops along the route.

Customer journey maps are a useful way to define the touchpoints between you and your customers. These maps often take the form of Post-It notes scattered across a wall, or perhaps contained in a standalone journey mapping application. Both options leave you with disconnected maps that are difficult to share, update and action.

The challenges of offline or disconnected customer journey maps include:

  • No connection to communications platforms
  • Difficult to collaborate with stakeholders in marketing, customer service, compliance and branding
  • Lack of interactivity.

If you’ve ever struggled to map your customer journeys, or are looking for a mapping tool that offers greater interactivity, connectivity and collaboration, contact one of our consultants for more information.