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Communications Optimisation: a new service from DocCentrics

Communications Optimisation: a new service from DocCentrics

How do you send engaging, compelling communications to thousands of customers?

Of course, having a powerful platform that makes it easy to compose, edit and send millions of on-brand, customer-focused and compliant communications is essential as a foundation.

But we know that the platform alone is not enough.

You only experience all the benefits of your CCM solution when your people know how to use it effectively, and when your processes are aligned to support their work – not hold it back.

Our new service is designed to address these challenges.

Communications Optimisation is designed to resolve issues that you're facing now, and also explore the full potential of your CCM solution. 

The Communications Optimisation service begins with a deep analysis of your data. We look for the stories that the data tells. We want to see where you’re losing customers, what’s causing churn, how you acquire customers, acquisition rates by channel – and much more. We also examine the customer journey and consider how this compares to your business goals and your brand strategy.

We then use these insights to propose changes to the timing, content and delivery of your communications, so that you can achieve significant uplift in acquisition, retention, up-sell and cross-sell rates.

Revisiting your CCM implementation

When we implement our CCM solution for clients, we spend time getting to know their needs, their people and their processes. We wrap the solution around their teams, so that everyone can work efficiently and get the most out of the software.

However, we know that things change. Weeks or months after implementation, people may be adapting their processes to accommodate settings in the software, while others may be deferring projects because of barriers created by the system. Other applications may be used to work around gaps. Opportunities are missed. Time is wasted. 

Our Communications Optimisation service helps you reclaim the gains you originally made after implementation, and further customise the solution to meet your current needs and challenges.

Optimised for tomorrow

We know that your CCM solution can do great things. But as a busy organisation tasked with despatching thousands (or millions) of customer communications, there is rarely time to reflect, rethink and remodel. Our consultants have the advantage of perspective and the time to interrogate your data.

From the outside, we can look into your organisation, take stock of your needs, devise a plan for change, and then deliver the project. Within a matter of months you could be sending more powerful communications – and providing a class-leading customer experience.

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