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5 customer experience quick-wins

5 customer experience quick-wins

Improving your customers’ experience doesn’t have to involve a vast, costly project.

There are small steps you can take – and actions you can complete this week – that will improve the experience of your customers when they communicate with you, seek information or make a purchase.

1: Ask for feedback

If rolling out a customer survey programme is not currently feasible, why not conduct a mini survey? Or simply ask your sales agents or customer support team for an update on the most popular causes of complaint and confusion.

Customer feedback is one of the most direct connections that you have to your customers – so it’s a great starting point for improving CX. 

2: Act on feedback

Responding to feedback can be as simple as fixing a broken link on your website, changing a word in an email or improving the timing of text messages. These small details are often the things that annoy and frustrate customers the most.

Again, a good source of these niggles is customer feedback. If you’ve got thousands of customer feedback surveys to review, why not pick a small sample and look for patterns? By picking a random sample of ten or twenty responses you may be able to identify small fixes that are easy to accomplish in a matter of hours or days.

3: Simplify communications

Rare is the situation in which simplicity does not benefit the experience. Any effort to simplify your communications will improve CX, because any element that assumes a certain level of understanding or proficiency will exclude some of your customers.

Simplifying your communications might mean reducing the number of messages that you send, or changing the flow of messages, their timing, or their content.

Are all of your messages written in plain English? Or do you ever rely on jargon or the passive voice to try to soften the sting of a negative message? Reviewing your messaging might only take hours, but it could give your brand a more human, authentic voice – one that your customers can believe in.

4: Brand review

Your brand is immensely valuable. It’s the thing that elevates your products and services beyond their material value. All of your communications should be an extension of your brand, in every sense. Your brand should come across in the way your messages look, feel, speak and function. Any message that breaks the continuity of your brand will undermine the efforts of your brand, marketing and product development teams, so it’s worth reviewing your communications to make sure they are consistent in every way, at every stage.

5: Website review

When was the last time you checked the journey for a customer who wants to place an order, or make a complaint? Are these routine transactions easy to complete? Does every link lead to the correct destination? Are all of your communication channels functioning correctly? And does all of this work properly on every browser, operating system and device?


Improving CX with customer communications management (CCM)

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