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DocCentrics take on More Than a Marathon in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

DocCentrics take on More Than a Marathon in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

That's right. Throughout April, several members of the DocSquad will be taking on More Than a Marathon to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

More Than a Marathon is about going the extra mile (or 28) for young people with cancer, so we'll be running, walking, skipping or frolicking 28 miles in 28 days - each.

With a strong team of 9, that means that collectively we'll be wracking up 252 miles (atleast!) between us. That's roughly the distance from the Lake District to the O2 Arena! 

If you'd like to donate and spur us along, get your credit or debit out and click the big green button below. If you'd like to find out more about Teenage Cancer Trust and why we're taking part, keep reading...

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So, why are we doing this?
Because every £100 raised could pay for 3 hours of much needed care. 

These days cancer impacts so many peoples lives in one way or another. It sucks every time. But gradually diagnosis is getting quicker, medicine is getting more effective and care is getting better.

Right now though, Teenage Cancer Trust can only help half of young people with cancer. To put that into perspective, every day 7 young people are diagnosed.

There aren't enough nurses to help every young person with cancer receive the nursing they need, but every £100 raised could help pay for more than 3 hours of care from a Teenage Cancer Trust nurse.

That's why we're doing this. And yes, you guessed it. We need your money help 😉


How can you help?
Spread the word and donate!

We're looking for donations - large or small. Our team target is modest but if we're being honest, we want to go beyond that!

You can help us along on our 252 mile journey by sharing our page and donating what you can. Thank you in advance for your support. You're a good egg! 

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