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DocCentrics welcomes new Business Analyst, Gary Ansell

DocCentrics welcomes new Business Analyst, Gary Ansell

Meet Gary Ansell. An experienced Business Analyst who we're delighted to welcome aboard the DocCentrics Projects team.

Gary has a wealth of experience in business analysis, project management and multichannel communications, making him the perfect person for translating our clients business problems into technical solutions.

As we welcome one Business Analyst, we say a fond farewell to another. James Schindler has been with DocCentrics for a year and is now embarking on a new adventure closer to home. You can read more about James' time at DocCentrics here, or continue reading to find out more about Gary and his canal boat.

Melanie had this to say:

"We’re really pleased to welcome Gary to Team DocCentrics. His knowledge and experience will build on the solid foundations that James has already put in place. It's great that James is around for a little while longer to help Gary get up to speed quickly. This means Gary will be out and about soon, introducing himself to our clients and getting involved. So if you see him around be sure to say "hello"."

All about Gary

Gary has a strong background in business process outsourcing and the print industry. One of his earliest roles was a Compositor, which is assembling individual lead type characters into words for print - by hand!

Outside the office Gary does a lot of Nordic Walking (look it up), dabbles on the guitar and has a love of listening to music on vinyl. Oh, and he can fit out a canal boat if you need him to...

"Huh?" we hear you ask. That's right. Gary and his son spent 6 months fitting out a 60" wide beam canal boat. The end results are truly impressive (trust us), but he probably won't do it for just anyone, sorry.

Fancy joining our growing team?

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