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DocCentrics supports Young Enterprise programme

DocCentrics supports Young Enterprise programme

The DocCentrics team recently supported a Young Enterprise initiative at The Barclay School in Stevenage.

The Launch Pad programme gives young people a chance to challenge themselves with real-world business experiences. For Launch Pad, 130 Year 10 students had to create a business, apply for funding, devise their marketing and then pitch their concept to the volunteers. The business ideas put forward included fast food, cafes, design and photography.

DocCentrics was on hand to provide support and guidance to the students as they navigated complex choices at every stage.

As a growing technology company based in Stevenage, we’re always keen to support students and develop links with our local community. Getting involved with motivated and ambitious students is also a great way to understand what interests the young people who will be entering the workforce in the next decade – and hopefully joining the team at DocCentrics.

We were immensely impressed with the hard work and ingenuity showed by the students. And Young Enterprise deserve a great deal of credit for organising such a dynamic learning opportunity for the bright young people at The Barclay School.

About Launch Pad

Launch Pad from Young Enterprise provides practical and engaging sessions, supported by inspiring employee mentors, helping students discover more about themselves and develop key employability skills.

Through a series of hands-on, fun activities, students work on the early stages of launching a fledgling business.

Through this programme, students learn the importance of teamwork, learn more about different roles that contribute to running a business and create a brand identity and marketing strategy.


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