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DocCentrics helps students create a social enterprise with ELSA

DocCentrics helps students create a social enterprise with ELSA

Joanna Shurety, our Operations Director, recently volunteered with ELSA to support the Hitchin Girls School on their Be Bold for Change initiative.

ELSA is the Education, Learning, Skills and Achievement community interest company that works with schools to give children a taste of the world of work.


This is a one-day challenge for students to develop a social enterprise that address challenges faced by young people in developing countries and the UK.

The students design and create products that can be placed in an ‘Empower Kit’ for a country of their choice. Students have to consider what they can create that would benefit recipients and help young people to live, work and play.

Students collaborate to create funding bids, marketing, advertising, scripts and presentations for their concepts. They learn to cooperate, negotiate, delegate, listen and communicate as part of a team.

These are all valuable skills that many employers seek, so it’s great to see these young people developing these abilities on such a challenging project.

#BeBoldForChange also helps young people to consider the lives of people beyond their own communities. This instils a sense of citizenship and reminds them of their privileged position in comparison to many people around the world.

As a local employer, we’re delighted to support these bright and energetic students, and proud to be part of the great work that ELSA are doing with schools and businesses.