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DocCentrics helps get kids work-ready with ELSA

DocCentrics helps get kids work-ready with ELSA

We recently sent some of our team to a local school to give the children an experience of working in the modern world.

Our team was invited by ELSA (Education, Learning, Skills & Achievement), a brilliant community organisation that helps schools connect with local businesses so that children can learn about the world of work – well before they ever leave school. Their programmes foster greater connections between the centres of education and commerce in communities, sharing skills, knowledge and inspiration in the process.

ELSA invites volunteers with a wide range of professional and personal experiences, helping to give students a realistic view of different careers – not just the good parts.

The ELSA Get Work Ready programme also “enables businesses to get out into the educational community to see for themselves the talent that exists and help generate and mould prospective new employees, allowing them a larger reach and more focussed input than they would get with generalised school visits”.

We were delighted to support ELSA and give young people a taste of working at a modern technology-driven company.

You can learn more via the ELSA website - or follow ELSA on Twitter.