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A fond farewell to our Developer Tom as he embarks on a new adventure

A fond farewell to our Developer Tom as he embarks on a new adventure

This month we say goodbye to one of our Developers called Tom. We have a few of them. But it's Tom Farr who we say farewell to as he sets out on a brand new adventure.

Tom has been a key member of our dev squad. Throughout his time here at DocCentrics he's worked closely with one of our longstanding clients who gave him kudos for going above and beyond. So naturally, we awarded Tom the official DocCentrics 'Good Egg' cup 👏

Team Leader David had this to say:

"Tom's work is always to a high standard. He is very thorough and endeavours to make sure everything works correctly first time. It's been a pleasure working with Tom. He's been a valuable member of the team and will be missed."

But enough from us now! Here's what Tom had to say about his time at DocCentrics:


So, where to next Tom?

Going forward I'll be carrying on my career as a developer and aim to continue climbing the ladder.

Go Tom! What have you enjoyed the most about your time at DocCentrics?

Working with all the people here. DocCentrics has a really good bunch of people.

And lastly, any words of wisdom to bestow upon us before you go? 

Speak up! Whatever you have to say the company are keen to listen and learn.

Tom - from all of us at DocCentrics, we wish you all the best for the future and thank you for all your hard work!