DocCentrics is a dynamic, fast-moving company with technology at its core.


What We Do

DocCentrics is a dynamic, fast-moving company with technology at its core

We treat our customers more like partners; we take the time to get to know them, figuring out who they are, how they work and what they want to achieve.

Ongoing personal and professional development is woven throughout our business. We want every member of our team to be challenged and excited to come to work each day. The DocCentrics Academy provides a space for everyone to access knowledge and develop their skills, while we encourage everyone to pursue personal projects.

Community is important to us, and we contribute both to the local area and to tech groups, including SyncHerts, Young Enterprise, Skills Matters and Hertfordshire University. We like to get out and meet our peers, presenting our projects, mentoring young people and providing work experience opportunities for the next generation of tech innovators.

Business Areas

Our teams manage distinct business areas

…although we all pull together to support our clients

  • Customer Innovation

    This department is largely client-facing, with account managers working closely with our business and technical analysts to understand our customers and drive the innovations that deliver more effective communications for our customers. Our team gets to work with a broad variety of clients on a wide range of projects, which in turn helps them to bring new features to our clients.

  • Development

    Software is the heart of our business, so our agile development team is obviously critical to our success. And our developers have many tricky challenges to manage – from coding with a blend of leading languages and technologies to integrating our platform with customer portals and apps, we keep our developers on their toes.

    Our developers work with a wide variety of technologies and languages, including .NET, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, Json, C#, ASP .Net, MYSQL, Ruby, Powershell and MongoDB.


  • Platform

    Our platform team is responsible for keeping everything up and running – as well as secure and protected from attack or accident.

    Many of our clients work in regulated industries, so their communications are subject to data protection laws, meaning that our platform must always be safe, well-documented and compliant to the PCI-DSS standard.

    In addition to the day-to-day business of keeping high-traffic Linux and Windows systems in order, our systems administrators are engaged in a program of continuous improvement, and are continually looking for ways to improve efficiency, resilience, security and performance.

  • Management team

    Our directors are very hands-on and appreciate having a flat corporate structure. This means that our management team lead by example and often work with our customers, while also providing input into the development of our platform. Priorities for our management team include up-skilling our team so that we are always ahead of our competitors, recruiting the right people and helping new customers benefit from our platform.

Our Team

Meet the team

As a client, you can expect to work closely with our team

  • Simon Howell

    Simon Howell

    Chief Executive

    Simon leads the client engagement, shaping our services to meet their strategic priorities.


    Simon’s objective is to grow a business that has the flexibility and agility to mould our services to the specific needs of each client whilst providing a constant flow of innovation to deliver ongoing value throughout the relationship.

  • Joanna Shurety

    Joanna Shurety

    Operations Director

    Joanna leads the HR strategy and is a senior stakeholder for client on-boarding. 

    Joanna's focus is to ensure we have agile and innovative people managing and developing our service. She has created an environment for continuous development, and a learning culture which is key to enable us to deliver cost effective, scalable solutions to support long term client relationships.  Joanna also continues to develop our client on-boarding to ensure the right people, processes and technology are in place.

  • Emeka Eluwa

    Emeka Eluwa

    Head of Development

    Emeka Provides leadership to our self-organising and agile technical teams.


    He is responsible for ensuring that we deliver value consistently whilst collaborating closely with our clients and engaging with team members to ensure any risks or opportunities are managed. Emeka drives our platform architecture and roadmap with a desire of making technology easy. Emeka is continually looking for new ways to improve our client’s business processes through the use of technology.

  • Jo Gardiner

    Jo Gardiner

    Head of Customer Innovation

    Jo leads the client facing team. Her role is to drive innovation and continuous improvement across our client base. 

    Jo's passion is in ensuring we are truly engaged with the clients we serve, and our solutions are aligned to their business goals.  Jo’s team manage and develop client relationships and ensure we collaborate effectively.



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