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Giving internal teams the power to deliver compelling communications

Woodland Trust

In an increasingly competitive sector with growing regulation, Woodland Trust wanted to communicate with their customers in a more personal and engaging manner.

To support this goal the business had a very clear set of objectives:


  • More control over their templates with less reliance on IT – reducing cost and increasing flexibility of managing their customer communications
  • Greater personalisation and simplified template management – Clear, Simplified and Engaging communications
  • Centralisation of business communications – Brand Consistency
  • Improve Automation – Reducing manual effort, minimising errors and increasing speed to print
  • Provide functionality to support digital uptake – Improving customer experience and online self-service

Woodland Trust used a manual process to manage and produce their outbound communications. This involved extracting information from their CRM system using their data tool, manipulating the data and then mail merging into various Word document templates.

The fulfilment team managed the process of merging the data with the templates. This team of eight, co-ordinated by a supervisor, also manage change requests from the wider business.

These changes are reviewed, assessed and then implemented by the team. Sign-off for changes is managed manually, by emailing the revised proofs to the appropriate stakeholder who then emails back approval or further amendments.

Once approved, a series of manual processes are in place to facilitate the production of the customer communications. Our client wanted a solution that would address these challenges and give them greater flexibility – as well as tools to create strong customer experiences.


We implemented a cloud-based application enabling multiple teams within The Woodland Trust to manage their customer templates - controlling the text, images, style and logic to create highly personalised renewal documents.

Changes can now be made, approved, and released to live production all on the same day.

As part of the implementation, we integrated the customer communication management software with the Trust’s CRM system to enable full automation of data transfer.

We also integrated with their in-house print facility to manage analogue communications.


Our project with The Woodland Trust delivered the expected results and helped them to achieve their objectives

Our results include:

  • Automated customer communications – less manual intervention required, which in turn has reclaimed time to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Digital customer communications management – our solution gives all stakeholders a web-based interface for viewing, editing, reviewing and processing customer communications.
  • Management information dashboards and alerts – Woodland Trust have a clear view of their customer communications landscape.
  • Increased capacity – because more of the work is automated, our client can process more communications with the same resources.
  • Audit trail – every interaction is logged, so managers can see who is responsible for any change to any document, template or rule.

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