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Ad Hoc Customer Communications for the banking sector

Retail Bank

Our client, a retail bank, needed to create and send several ad hoc customer communications every month. These non-standard communications are often the result of changes, errors or new regulations...

Originally these communications were produced using a manual process that relied on individuals chasing through multiple human interactions. The process was reliant on IT resource being available to deliver composition services and create proofs. Audit and reporting on the process was also manual.


Banking is a heavily regulated industry. Communication to customers often needs to be completed and delivered within tight timescales, with specific wording. Activity needs to be evidenced to the regulator in the event of a claim or complaint. Heavy fines may be imposed if an organisation is found to be in breach; it is the bank’s responsibility to prove they are not.

The client’s story

The bank was struggling to process three or four critical ad hoc communications each month, often in response to a change in interest rates, customer details or product specification. Distinct groups of customers were affected, but the impact on each customer might be slightly different (e.g. the amount of an on overcharge), adding to the complexity of the communications.

Extracting the data was a job for IT, while marketing and compliance would create and review the content, before passing it to IT operations to create, reproof, process and print the communication on a desktop printer so they could be folded, enveloped and posted.

As you can see, the process was fragmented, inefficient, prone to error and labour-intensive. 

Audit trails were produced by manually recording dates and times of emails, voice calls and paper documents in spreadsheets.

Multiple stakeholders in the communication process (marketing, IT, compliance) meant proofing and sign-off created bottle necks. The teams also had to wrestle with a high volume of changes and amends due to misunderstandings, lack of clarity and human error.

Communications were often sent out late and containing errors while consuming a significant amount of business resource, distracting the organisation from achieving their goals and objectives.

The solution

We implemented our Ad Hoc Customer Communications solution. It provides an online browser- based interface, in which all interactions are encrypted and protected. 

Connects securely to the client’s system data so the IT team could easily and securely transmit the data within an automated process to fulfil each campaign.

Is completely digital. Each step is mapped in a digital workflow providing full visibility of where the job is in the process and who is the current owner. Any delays or problems are automatically alerted through the workflow to the stakeholders

Communications are created in easy-to-use web interfaces, no need to wait for IT and when complete are automatically passed in the workflow to compliance for approval

Approved communications are automatically processed and despatched via paper, email or mobile communications dictated by customer preference

Integrates easily with the bank’s existing email and post channels to take advantage of existing low cost supply chain relationships and maintain consistency of production.

Audit trails are automatically created, recording every step of the creation, approval and production process.


The benefits of our seamless digital solution are clear:

  • Meet digital transformation objectives.
  • Reduce effort required to deliver campaign.
  • More consistent and accurate communications.
  • Reduce cost of communications.
  • Provide multi-channel delivery options.
  • Reduced speed to market – regularly meet regulator objectives.
  • Ability to respond to regulator quickly with a detailed audit.