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Creating a sequence of communications to onboard 80,000 new customers

Home Insurance Company

Our client, a home insurance company, had acquired 80,000 new customers. These customers needed to be contacted, informed of the changes, and introduced to their policy terms. HomeServe also wanted to raise awareness of the other products available while also meeting regulatory requirements.


DocCentrics took ownership of the project so that the impact on our client was minimised. By providing a full project management service and liaising with our client’s stakeholders directly, we were able to free up their resource, so they could continue to deliver other business objectives.

We created a template and document strategy with the customer to port the book of customers to interim products in the Homeserve catalogue. This meant creating document templates that could be asset managed.

Our strategy focused on creating new interim templates that could be traced against the future renewal products that would not change the customers current experience. This was based on maintaining or improving CX in order to encourage customers to renew.

Our solution included:

  • A sequence of on-boarding communications
  • Customer data processing and management
  • Management information demonstrating delivery, open and respond rates
  • Intelligent communications that are personalised to the customer

During the project, we suggested alternative approaches to tackling aspects of the process. These suggestions were borne of our experiences with other large-scale customer communications projects. Our client appreciated our input and our recommendations were put into practice.


Thanks to a determined effort by our team – closely supported by our client and their stakeholders – we were able to deliver this challenging project on schedule.

Our results included:

  • Enabled the client to deliver projects more efficiently
  • Achieved customer numbers and revenue goals
  • Document strategy to improve the CX surrounding renewals
  • A positive customer experience.