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Delivering a complex document production process relating to financial products

Crystal Legal

Crystal Legal wanted to outsource and digitise its print and mailing solution and simplify their approach to managing customer communications – adding digital delivery wherever possible.


The company was busy sending thousands of letters and forms for the customer to complete, but the process was complex and a significant drain on employee time. And because the process relied on manual effort, it was too easy to introduce errors, such as the mixing of client data.

Such a mistake could be a breach of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations, so we needed to find a solution that provided fewer opportunities for errors, as well as an auditable process.


Crystal Legal experienced several challenges that led them to contact DocCentrics:

  • A need to improve regulatory controls
  • Customer experience was inconsistent and inefficient
  • Lack of governance of rules for production and mail enclosures
  • Excessive time spent printing and folding customer documents.


Our proposed solution involved digitising and automating the customer communications, outsourcing the print, mail and email production and integrating tools for monitoring process integrity.

  • Automating customer communications – eliminating a handful of manual processes so that employees can focus on building remarkable customer experiences.
  • Management information - MI dashboard where operations and production info can be viewed in real time.
  • Self-service portal – By configuring the customer communications management portal, Crystal Legal can manage key tasks such as proofing and insert management, without the need for technical support.
  • Print and mail outsourcing – Selecting the right production partner was vital so that documents were handled securely while also coping with small daily volumes and occasional surges in demand.
  • Customer self-service – We designed a process that makes it easy for customers to provide their information.
  • Full audit trail – All changes and process activity are automatically logged to meet audit and compliance needs. Management information dashboards and alerts will keep the client informed at every step of the process. Provided 100% integrity with a full audit control so that each document can be reconciled from data received to mail delivery
  • Document barcodes – the addition of unique identifiers improved efficiency, reduced processing time and reduced the cost of processing the inbound mail.

Our work with Crystal Legal helped them navigate a complex challenge and improve the experience of customers and employees alike.


  • Created a secure self-service portal allowing the customer to manage aspects of production such as envelope size, inserts and mail class as well as further migration of documents to the solution with ease
  • Optimised post and production costs thanks to smart sorting
  • Reduced manual intervention and staff involvement
  • An enriched MI dashboard providing insight analytics facilitating informed decisions
  • Created marketing opportunities with advanced CCM features such as white space management
  • Compliance is controlled with a complete audit trail.