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Tailored customer communications for multiple brands

Brightside Insurance

Brightside Insurance Services is one of the UK’s leading insurance providers.

They provide insurance services for multiple brands across several insurance platforms. Tailoring communications to the needs of each brand involved a great deal of manual effort and our client was keen to find a more efficient, secure and compliant way to communicate. At the same time, Brightside wanted a solution that would improve the customer experience.


Brightside was using three different systems to manage these communications, which added to the manual effort. Instead of focusing on strategic goals, teams were consumed with the day-to-day management of customer communications.

Our task was to streamline, automate and digitise the process so that communications could be personalised to each brand on the fly, as part of a single production process.

We also needed to standardise the outputs from different systems to provide a consistent customer experience. The resulting solution was more efficient and cost effective, highly scalable, reliable and consistent.

In addition, as part of the project we piloted a digital solution that enabled Brightside to realise greater cost reduction while delivering a better customer experience, while recording the delivery of these communications and when they were opened.


  • Consolidated multiple systems – Brightside can now use a single customer communications management solution to manage all their communications.
  • Automated customer communications – Many customer communications processes now happen automatically, without the need for manual intervention.
  • Outsourced print and mail production - Production optimisation enables consolidation and streaming of communications to deliver the most efficient production processing and take advantage of volume discounts.
  • Management information – MI dashboard were operations and production info can be viewed in real time.
  • Customer self-service - customer self-serve features will help reduce costs to serve and improve customer experience.

Brightside Insurance Services has a large customer base and multiple brand partners, creating a host of challenges for their customer communications landscape.

Our experience delivering customer communications solutions means that we understand how to mitigate these challenges and deliver a solution that makes it easy to manage complex communications.


  • Enhanced customer experience thanks to self-service and omni-channel capabilities

  • Cost reduction produced by outsourcing print and post – as well as intelligent production optimisation to take advantage of bulk discounts

  • Full audit trail to support compliance requirements

  • Automated customer communications – a feature that empowers marketing and operations while reducing demands on IT

  • Delivered a digital email solution that provides an audit trail of delivery and customer engagement.